Often, when we are making progress in reaching the goals, we feel the need to share our successes. Sharing your progress is not a wise plan. Sometimes when you share your project secretly, people want you to fail. Some people will go to the point of making sure you fail. Especially the people who doubt you, those people by any stretch of the imagination do not want you to succeed in anything. Their lives are toxic, and they want yours to be as well. People will doubt you all the time, but you have to ignore the noise, and the best way to ignore the noise is never to tell them your plans or successes. These people will see your results.

I see people doubting other people all the time, especially when it comes to weight loss. People feel comfortable telling you how you’re going to fail at your weight loss. People will share their own experiences on the subjects. Like the disclaimer on many commercials, “your results may differ.” While reaching for your goals, Keep your journey private and show them your results very publicly. Enjoy your journey in the Infinite Blue Ocean of success.