10 Dec 2020
December 10, 2020

Do Not Live Your Fears

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I found something quite profound on Facebook the other day. The quote was: Too many of us are not living our dreams because we live our fears. It’s time to change that! This entire year it seems like we were living our fears instead of living our dreams. This pandemic has been a silver lining for many because they realize the opportunity to make, create, and explore. Your whole well-being is dedicated to wealth, health, and happiness, but you can’t do that when you live your fears.

I had a medical problem that I sought medical care for, and while I was there, the nurse practitioner asked me Did I want a COVID-19 test. She told me the additional price, and I agreed to pay it because I was curious. While sitting in that office for my instant test, I was guilty of allowing 7 minutes of fear to come over me, and my brain instantly came up with all types of scenarios if the test was positive. This stressful situation is a case where 90% of what we fear never happens. The doctor came in, and nonchalantly told me that your test is negative. The doctor wrote me a prescription for my initial concern when walking in. That doctor did not understand that when she told me my test was negative, I had a small endorphin rush. At that particular time, I faced my fear, and it didn’t exist.

While you have the extra time, you have the quiet to focus work past your fears because you don’t live there. You live in an area where you chart your course in your Infinite Blue Ocean of wealth, health, and happiness.