Recently I got married, and during couples counseling, the pastor instructed us to never go to bed mad. What he meant by this is Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Here at Infinite Blue Ocean, we teach people whatever you think about grows. If your last conscious thought was anger, then you wake up with that antagonism.

Don't wake up toxic from anger.

Don’t wake up toxic from anger.

We as humans sometimes when we are not feeling well will take medicine just before we go to bed so we can wake up feeling restored. Going to bed mad it is like taking medicine that is going to have you waking up feeling contaminated.

Last night in my conversation with God, I understood. I have a sense of clarity of why you should never go to bed mad. It dawned on me that my wife who was not feeling well had just taken medicine so she could wake up in the morning feeling better. I said a prayer, read a book and then laid my head down letting all of my resentments go. This morning I was ready to take on the world with a positive mental attitude.

By the way, I was NOT angry with my lovely wife but some roadblocks intentionally placed in my way by some associates to slow down my progress that would show them being unskilled and inept. We went around that obstruction.

Let go of your anger, take the time to feed your mind unadulterated positive thoughts. This way you can feel healthier on your way to your Infinite Blue Ocean.