I reside in a part of the country that was recently flooded. This all happened in the middle of my move. I was going to move to a new place and begin a new life with my new family as expected adversity struck me very hard. While trying to get back to some normalcy, I noticed that distractions have taken over my life.

smiboAnytime that you are trying to make a substantial change in your life adversity will strike. No matter where you go or what you do. Some people would call this Murphy’s Law but they are mistaken is just a natural law that tries to keep everything in its place.

Consider the salmon, it is hardwired to swim feverishly against the current to for complete its mission. It travels home no matter where they are to spawn. When it comes to your mission, you must be hardwired like this as well. You cannot allow distractions to keep you from your mission. Fight hard and think of a salmon. After the salmon completes his mission, it’s done however your mission will continue as you rule your Infinite Blue Ocean.