06 Jul 2017
July 6, 2017

Destructive Beliefs

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It strikes me as odd that people will hold on to destructive beliefs before changing their minds. There are a group of people on a social media platform that believes that all individuals that are successful got that way by cheating, corruption or some entitlement. They did not want to hear about solid work plans and providing goods and services. I found this especially troubling when billionaire rapper Sean Carter better known as Jay-Z on his latest album told the audience about cultural beliefs but are now considered not on the path of wealth and riches. Some of his fans rejected some of his advice based on it’s always been this way.

I don't want to listen to the Truth!!

I don’t want to listen to the Truth!!

You will be surprised how many people will not change their beliefs when scientific proof and basic research has found that they’re thinking and theories are flawed. Many people have been chasing their dreams only to find out that the path I’ve been taking leads to a dead end.

Your job is when you get better information is to adjust your thinking, so your success is insured. Be very wary of opinions; these are very useless, instead, rely on reliable expert counsel. I recently launched a product on another project, and I found that I wasn’t getting traction in my target market. One of my friends in Los Angeles who is an expert at targeting this audience told me where my product is flawed and what changes I need to make. Once I made those changes the results were incredible.

Do not get stuck in your own belief that everything you know is right because in the fullness of time a large percentage of what you know right now is incorrect.

Just trying to steer you through the river to the delta of your Infinite Blue Ocean