15 Oct 2021
October 15, 2021

Dealing with the truth

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I had the opportunity to visit a plant that makes chicken Nuggets for McDonald’s and other food vendors in my lifetime. However, when I saw the pre-cooked product for chicken Nuggets, my fascination with that food was lost. The material for chicken Nuggets is quite upsetting and categorically gross-looking. When I first tried chicken Nuggets back in 1983, I was a huge fan until I saw how they were made.

Dealing with the truth is almost like watching chicken Nuggets get made. It may not be beautiful, but the truth will outlast everything. While doing business, it is vital that you have the cooperation of others around you. They must be able to trust you doing things, and saying things that are not true will sometimes cause irreparable damage to your credibility, and you don’t want that. So it is better to be truthful in square dealing in all deals.