The Power of Connecting One to Many

In order to achieve the success you desire, it is helpful to gain leverage using the concept of connecting “One to Many.”

Social media is powerful because it connects the individual to many people. You can keep up with the daily lives of friends and family, even over long distances. More than daily routines, you can stay tuned to their thoughts and tastes as they change over time. Used properly, companies can communicate their philosophy and unique selling principle to many potentials and customers at once via social channels.

Colorful symbols of people being connected together in a web - as on the internet or social media.Whatever success you desire: relationships, money, fame, self-improvement; all are amplified through the application of the One to Many concept. Take the internet, for example. The internet is one the greatest enablers of the One to Many principle in the history of humankind. The internet provides fertile soil for you to apply this concept in the pursuit of your version of success. For example, dating sites allow many potential friends or mates to be reviewed in a few moments. Vast wealth can be achieved by developing the next popular internet application.

Notice the immense wealth of the people and companies which develop platforms for the individual to connect to the many? Google connects the searcher with a multitude of relevant products and answers provided by many diverse people. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media platforms knit communities of individuals together. Apple makes most of it’s money selling phones which are another great connecting tool. Those same phones have internet access where people are constantly checking in on their social channels. Hootsuite, among others, makes their money by stitching together these community channels into one dashboard. Everyone seeks to be connected to the many, and the internet is a great place to connect.

If your passion or talent is not in developing the next great online gathering place, consider the significant wealth you can create with a simple membership site where you teach a hobby or skill that you enjoy. I just came across the site My Yoga Online ( which teaches yoga techniques and provides follow-alongs in an appealing streaming video format for under $10 a month. If yoga is not to your liking, consider teaching gardening, online marketing or be an online physical trainer; whatever suits you. Teaching, after all, is one of the oldest ways in which people connect. In whatever you choose to do, remember the power of connecting “One to Many” which will amplify your success.