In a recent conversation with Steve, one of the Infinite Blue Ocean members, we were talking about why people decide not to pursue their dreams. One of the situations that would come upon is that people do not want to walk the path of success by themselves they would like to have a partner with them. The problem comes in is when the partner gives up; subsequently, you give up as well. Often, when we are walking a path, we would like someone to come along with us. That is human nature. Usually, the people we surround ourselves with are not the right people to walk the path with us.

A television host once said you are an average of the five people around you. To increase your norm, you must find people like-minded to your success orientation. That way sticking to your goals will be more comfortable and more contented. The problem also comes in is not everyone handles adversity the same way.

Are you an average of the five people around you? Do your friends have laser focus, do they encourage you in the storm, and do they have their goals written down as well.

You may ask yourself if the five people around me can increase my average on my average. The story is to get out of your comfort zone meet more like-minded people. Success is never found in the comfort zone.