Through your transformation into becoming a better person, you are going to encounter lifestyle changes. These changes will most definitely be uncomfortable, and it’s going to take willpower on your behalf to make it through these issues. However, if you know the result will be something unique, please do not give up, and please do not be tempted into old behaviors. All changes take some bit of unlearning on your part, plus finesse and vision to make it happen.

The urge to backtrack on your lifestyle change will become incredible. It’s almost like having a little devil on your shoulder saying, this is too hard; give up. This plan is not you. That little devil sitting on your shoulder likes the easy things and doesn’t believe in your ability. But, if you can envision it, you can achieve it. So keep going. Do not allow the comfort zone to ease you back into destructive behaviors. The life you want is just beyond your comfort zone.