I understand today’s blog is not going to be popular. I am not here to win popularity contest I am here to coach you and get you to the point where you are winning. With that said today’s blog I may step on someone’s toes.

It is very essential sometimes for us to change habits and for us to change the people we associate with including those who are closest to us. I am not suggesting that you run out and hire a divorce attorney. However, if you are with someone who is not giving you harmony, feeding your positive mental attitude and sharing with your goals. They could be a detriment to your success.


Relationships are like two batteries. If you have one battery that is weak and the other one that is charged up the weak battery will drain the power out of the stronger battery. The ideal situation is having two batteries were both strong working the same direction. I totally understand that this may be a hard choice for you. Nevertheless, the choice is actually clear.

Recently we told the client that they might have to let go of a long-term relationship. The client was resistant. I pose the question to the client if I told you that you were guaranteed success in 18 months but it would be without this relationship would you do it. The client enthusiastically said yes. At that point, they saw the light. The person they were in a relationship with was negative and seemed to be purposely stand in their way.

When it comes to weight loss surgery 85% of people in relationships will lose those relationships within two years after weight-loss surgery. Why is that? Scientists are still trying to find this out but it is plain to see that the dramatic change in the life meant dropping off excess weight outside of the body.let go

If you were guaranteed success today without that negative or harmonious relationship, would you let it go today? Whatever your answer, that is the direction you should go.