We live in a toxic world that is a breeding ground of negativity. In your search for wealth, health, and happiness, you will come across negative people and go through some problems. Your default in these situations should not be to defeat negativity with negativity, and your default should be calmness and peace. Your positive mental attitude is like a backstage pass to everything excellent. Many of us are guilty of instantly getting mad and upset when things don’t go our way. We learned this behavior as a child because we realized that when we cried, people did things. We got the attention we deserve or even the attention we didn’t deserve. Many children now learn that if they make enough noise in public, they will temporarily get their way. It is cute for a child to behave in this way, but it isn’t charming as an adult, and people will go out of their way to make sure you don’t get what you want.


Every person that you meet may be struggling with something. Right now, we’re wearing a mask to keep us from getting a horrendous disease. Some things, like a positive mental attitude, is also contagious. Once we decide that we’re going to have a positive mental attitude, people start to change. When you greet someone with a smile, it is hard for them not to welcome you back with a smile. A calm word or a small polite comment can go the extra mile. Look for opportunities to make someone’s day brighter, and Fortunately, it will do you more good than it will the person.

My wife and I recently went to a Mexican restaurant, and the woman who was our waitress was having an awful day. A couple of tables even called the manager on her about her performance. My wife and I decided that we will make a difference in this young lady’s life, at least for the day. We told her we understand that she is going through a bad day and we’re not going to contribute to her problems. She initially got some parts of our order wrong, but that was OK. We just went with it. We told her to take a deep breath; everything will be OK, and she will be all right. At the end of the meal, our bill was $41. I asked her to come over, and I put in the tip line $100. She started crying and said every day is another day to be grateful. Adversity will come; react to it like it’s an everyday event because it is. I believe my wife and I felt better about that $100 than the waitress. Your default should be calmness and peace, just like an Infinite Blue Ocean.