30 Oct 2020
October 30, 2020

Being Honest

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I recently did my podcast with a segment on telling the truth. If you are going to get the cooperation of others, you must always be honest. Part of your Creed is that you are going to need the cooperation of others. When you get the cooperation of others, they will need to trust you. Being honest at all times is essential. Being honest does not give you a license to be rude to anyone. Again, you will need people to cooperate with you in the spirit of harmony. No one will want to cooperate with someone they do not trust or is rude to them.

Being honest is a double-edged sword; you must be able to accept the truth as well as give it out. There have been many situations where individuals say they want honesty, but they react very badly to that situation when they get honesty. In this podcast recently, I said if you had been unfaithful to your lover, you must confess that. The confession of infidelity may cause your lover to no longer to want to be with you. Not being truthful is selfish on your part and is not a part of cooperation and harmony. When someone tells you the truth, and sometimes it is raw, accept the information with maturity in an open mind. Many times bad news contains in it a seed or equivalent Benefit.

It would be best if you never did any business dealings or personal dealings where deceit or dishonesty is the basis. Deception and lying are toxic, and it grows like a nasty fungus. You will get much further in life by being honest with those close to you and the ones you love.