28 May 2020
May 28, 2020

Be Loyal To Yourself

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Many people have loyalty in friends, and many people commit to brands. Your first level of allegiance should be to yourself. You should be loyal to yourself. It’s your job to put yourself first. It is hard for you to help someone if you can’t even help yourself.

 I found myself recently deciding for my family based on the brand. I should come as no surprise that the brand put itself ahead of its customers. Because I am a loyal customer of this particular brand went ahead and booked this brand based on the services I usually get from them. They did not disclose that the services they will render are reduced by 95%, but they charge me 10% more than I usually do.

 There was no need for me to be upset because I put that brand ahead of my interest. The same goes for making moves and guiding yourself through adversity. You have a priority to make sure that your attention is at the top of the list