18 Aug 2022
August 18, 2022

Be In The Moment

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Inspiration and ideas come from many places. I was reading a book by Peter Voogd, and he talks about distractions, including social media. One thing that struck me as bizarre is how addicted we are to social media. So I decided to take a step that many would say is blasphemy, but I decided to turn off my notifications for my social media. While at it, I turned off my phone notifications for many of my apps. I turned off notifications for anything that did not contribute to my success and goals. This one step has allowed me to work uninterrupted, and on days when I would only get a few things done, I found myself completing the several tasks assigned to my primary definite purpose.

I was examining why we are so connected to social media. If you think about it, social media has done the opposite of what it was meant to do. Social media has become where everyone is antisocial. That same afternoon I went to dinner with my wife at a charming restaurant, and I saw several people with their heads down on their phones instead of enjoying the company of the people they were with. Recently I was asked to go to a concert by an artist I enjoy. I passed on that chance to go to the show because the last 15 concerts I’ve gone to have all resulted in a bunch of people in the concert not enjoying the concert but recording it for people who aren’t there. Studies show that they’ll never go back and see that footage again. So instead of being in the moment with the energy of a concert, they are there recording it not to show people the artist but to show that they were there. This kind of behavior is selfish and unproductive.

While working on your principal definite purpose and working on anything, it would be the purest form of productivity if you were in the moment. How would you feel if the person you’re having sex with amid the throes of ecstasy stopped and checked their phone? This person would genuinely not be in the moment, which would insult you. So stop insulting yourself and be in the moment. An infinite blue ocean of opportunity is waiting for you to swim in it.