26 Jul 2021
July 26, 2021

You Are Not A Dump

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With social media being so prevalent and essential to many people’s lives, it is almost impossible to get away from the negativity in the actual vileness of people. Yet, to grow, you must keep a pure, clean mind. I used to enjoy Tik Tok and videos on Instagram briefly. Still, I find myself finding ways.. read more →

It is easy to become a victim of your current circumstances, but your current events do not reflect who you are. Your present circumstances do not represent your final destination. Maybe people have started from mere beginnings or dire situations and turning it into absolutely Gold. I was reminded of the story from my business.. read more →

29 May 2021
May 29, 2021

Make a Move

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Many factors go into making a decision that is going to be life-altering. The problem is that many people do not make a decision at all, and then they become the victim of circumstances. When you come to crossroads, you have to make a decision. The best decisions are the ones that are informed. 70%.. read more →

14 May 2021
May 14, 2021

Success Has A Price

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Many people ask, what is the price of success? Suppose I told you today that you could have the happy life you want one year from now. In that case, you can live your dreams, you could be financially independent, and you can have a fulfilling life. All you have to do is eliminate your.. read more →

I have noticed that in the last three months, we have focused a lot on relationships. The focus on a relationship with the wrong person can cause massive damage to your health, wealth, and happiness. Many times we are compelled to stay in relationships because they are familiar to us. Being with someone just because.. read more →

29 Apr 2021
April 29, 2021

Remaining In the Zone

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Being in the zone is where you are due for a week in another place mentally, and you are making decisions quickly and accurately. Your focused mind is on task, and your productivity is skyrocketing. These moments are called “In the Zone.” You cannot see any distractions or adversities. You only see what is possible,.. read more →

Entitled people feel that they deserve everything for no reason. In some aspects, that is true, but you must do the heavy lifting first. A farmer does not look at the ground and say, “Grow me a crop of corn.” That does not happen, the farmer has to plant the seed and tend to the.. read more →

08 Apr 2021
April 8, 2021

Massive Dreams

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Having massive dreams for your future is essential. Nonetheless, failing to plan is preparing to fail. So if you cannot think big about your prospect, you’re not going to have an immense future. Huge, of course, means a dream that takes you beyond where you are today. I’ve learned over the ages that when your.. read more →

In today’s climate, many people are looking for answers outside of themselves. Unfortunately, people blame others for their situations. Many times they are seeking to find out the person hindering any success is the person themselves. Recently I went to hire someone for a job assisting my staff and me. This person’s credentials were decent.. read more →

Within human beings, the sex drive is the most vigorous drive we have. It is the most vital driving force to action that we have. It is good when effectively managed and when it arises at the right time and situation. However, it can weaken us and distort reason when it is not effectively mastered… read more →