There is a fine line between arrogant and confident. My favorite TV show is Mad Men on AMC. This show based around the life of advertising executive Donald Draper. He is the quintessential portrait of confidence. His confidence flows easily and abundantly. His type of confidence is valuable for being definite and achieving worthwhile goals. Arrogance, on the other hand, does not come across as a pleasing personality. You will not get to your destination in life without a pleasant personality. You will always need the assistance of others and the cooperation of others to achieve your worthwhile goals.

Back in the 90s, I landed my first management job in radio in a small town in Mississippi. I was in charge of four radio stations in that market. My attitude when I came into that market was not of confidence but an ocean of arrogance. I felt that I was better than the people in that market. I Mocked a lot of their cultural differences, and I walked around like you should be kissing my feet because I’m from the big city. What I had done was create a great sense of resentment in people who did not want to cooperate with me. It got so bad that the owner’s wife wanted me fired despite my success in the ratings. The owner of the Station, who is a sagacious man, took me to breakfast one day and told me about my arrogance. He explained to me that I would need the cooperation of others to continue in my journey. Because he had the same confidence plus well-liked in the community, I took his advice to heart. I went immediately to the bookstore and found books on how to rebuild and reinvent and environment.

Many times, we overlook having a pleasing personality, and if your role is a manager, you have got to become a true leader. A true leader who is in the trenches with his staff fighting for the common goal. Not everyone is going to like you, but you can always put your best foot forward. I still keep my pure confidence, but recently I realize some people did not want me to win because it means their theories are wrong. It is unfortunate, but it comes with success. You will find people who do not want you to succeed because your success is a true reflection of their failure to act. It is called the crabs in a bucket syndrome. You put some crabs in a bucket in the bucket will self-Regulate itself because the crabs in a bucket will keep anyone who is trying to leave in the bucket with them. Have a pleasing personality, and quietly slip away from the pack.