A few years ago, my granddaughter asked me why horses have those black patches around their eyes. I told her it is called blinders and it is to keep them focused so they do not get distracted. In thinking about that when I decided to write this blog today I closed the door on my office made some outline notes turned off the music so I can compose this blog today. I in essence created blinders so I can stay focused.

In our lives, we have things that will take us from our purpose, goals, what we deemed important for us to succeed. These distractions come in various forms here are just a few:

Reacting to pointless complaints:

Many people will come to you with complaints especially when I know you are focused and quiet, because it disturbs them because they do not know what you are doing. They also want to distract you not necessarily on purpose but it does not make sense to them why you are so focused. It also reminds them that they are not focused. Most people like to have company when they are failing so we feel better about their shortcomings.

Reacting to people’s anger: angry couple

A lot of times outburst of anger are just a cry for attention and so far has been proven to be a deterrent and distracting people. Many people get what they want once they become angry and they use it as a tool. It is also a distraction. It takes you from your focus. People who are calm and focused our winners’ people who are angry give away their power.

Reacting to our desire for food and sex:

article-1384316-0BEFB0AB00000578-832_468x293 Our built-in desire for sex and food is overpowering it is one of the most powerful substances in our system. Once we get into that, we have just like anger giving away our power. Napoleon Hill speaks about transmutation of sexual energy in his book Think and Grow Rich. Once we learn to master our desire for sex and food, we can once again regain their power and reach what we called our Other Self.

Reacting to negative results or temporary defeat:

The majority of Americans once they have failed once or twice on any endeavor they generally give up. Temporary setbacks are part of success if you give up on them you will never be successful you have to keep moving forward temporary failure is a distraction you must avoid.

Reacting to artificial rewards:

This will kill you progress and dreams fast.

This will kill you progress and dreams fast.

Many times when we make a small step in the right direction we find ourselves rewarding ourselves with the very things is going to distract our attention, Mostly cigarettes alcohol and drugs. These distractions are pointless and defeats every bit of progress that you have made.

One of my mastermind members have taught me a method of meditation and resetting myself especially when I need to regain my focus. I going to my office or a room I set a timer  (10 minutes) on my phone and I close my eyes I breathe for 10 minutes and I focus on my breathing I try to eliminate any other distraction or any other thought that may popped into my mind. This is key to success. You must have your blinders on you must stay focused and if we can help here at Infinite Blue Ocean we are more than willing to help you stay on the path of success.