24 May 2015
May 24, 2015

Accurate Thought

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Accuracy in thinking is critical. It is important to learn to be a free thinker and in order to do this, one needs to be able to gather the right information to make wise decisions and to form sound opinions. Failure to do this leaves one unable to discern falsehoods and is left susceptible to the manipulation of others.

There is a moral duty to self and others to think accurately. This is because thoughts have power whether used constructively or destructively. Also, one acts on the basis of what they believe to be true.

Critical thinking consists of logical reasoning, arguments, and discerning the true from the false. Deductive reasoning works from general information to specific, “All dogs are mammals. All mammals have kidneys. Therefore, all dogs have kidneys.” Inductive reasoning works from the specific to the general, “The sun has risen every day for millions of years. Therefore, the sun will rise tomorrow.”

Accurate thinking in action requires evaluating the soundness of your reasoning regularly. It is important to differentiate that which is fact from opinion. Make sure that information sources utilized are reliable and learn to rely on your own judgement. Don’t assume something is wrong or false prior to adequate investigation.

Remember your thoughts are the only thing over which you can have complete control if you so choose. It is highly advantageous to learn to use the mind in a way that helps you in achieving what you want out of life.