17 Oct 2017
October 17, 2017

A very harsh reality

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Victims never win. Whiners and complainers never win. This may be a very harsh reality but one that needs to be said. We are now in the grips of a very very volatile political situation. As a whole, the country is being distracted.

Don't get Caught Up in this pointless fighting.

Don’t get Caught Up in this pointless fighting.

The same political climate happened in the 80s when everyone was focused on who was president, what he did what he said and was easy to blame all of their problems on this one person. Realistically it does not have a direct bearing on your dreams and goals.

With that being said in the 80s after the political situation was settled and all was said and done the people who were focused on their goals in we’re not distracted ended up winning big time and currently are living their dreams. I cringe every time someone engages me in some discussion about politics. I cringe because they assume I am on one end of the political spectrum at all. That assumption is usually is wrong, and that does not have a bearing on my life or what I can accomplish on my own. Don’t be distracted and realize that right now it’s primetime while everyone else’s distracted for you to reach your goals quickly.

Take the time out today to write out your principal definite purpose and your blueprint for success, and you will discover a vast Infinite Blue Ocean.