Let’s give these false beliefs a dose of reality!

1)  I need to stick to my plan.

No you don’t! It is important to plan ahead, but expect to alter the plan often. Experiment to identify what works and what doesn’t work in your business. Constantly improve and accept change. If you haven’t already, read the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. After reading Eric’s book, you will understand the importance of experimenting early and often to drive product or service improvements with what really works, not what you think works.

2)  I can do it all myself.

No you can’t. Hire an employee or contract with a service provider to off-load the aspects of your business where you have weaknesses. If taxes are not your thing, hire an accountant. If you can’t handle all of the phone calls, hire a virtual phone assistant who will answer the phone on the first ring every single time. Make sure to test them occasionally and train them in proper etiquette for your industry.

3)  I only need [fill in the blank] to succeed.

A sign post in a park with one sign pointing to Truth and the other sign pointing to False.You don’t need much to succeed. Start figuring out from the beginning how to get the job done with less. Don’t blow through your working capital with new trucks, computers, chrome plated equipment or a wood paneled office. These can come later out of abundance. Your working capital is precious and must be conserved.

4)  I need to work harder to increase sales.

No you don’t! Focus on the 20% of your business which is producing the cash flow and less on the 80% which really only amounts to busy work.

5)  I need more information before taking action.

The word for this false belief is procrastination. Stop it! If you are selling insurance, you don’t need to learn every product before meeting with your first client. Work with a senior agent so that your mistakes don’t hurt anyone and learn your job on the clock.